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a Roland Reber film


available from 29.08.2014 on DVD and BluRay in german language with english subtitles



Carolina Hoffmann, Antje Nikola Mönning,

Wolfgang Seidenberg,  Marina Anna Eich, Andreas Pegler,

Christoph Baumann, Ute Meisenheimer, 

Claire Plaut, Thomas Kollhoff 


Germany 2013

Drama, HD, Color, 1:1,85, Dolby SR, 93 Min, FSK 16


theatrical release: 23. january 2014



19th Split International Filmfestival, Sept 2014

Pune International Film Festival, Jan 2014 

Sitges International Filmfestival, oct 2013

International Hofer Filmtage, nov 2013

International Film Festival of India, nov 2013

Chennai International Filmfestival, dec 2013



  • "The film’s cinematic language impresses with visual and acoustic finesse.” (Filmdienst)


  • "Real big cinema! A must for every true film fan.” (sneakfilm.de)

  •   “Indie author’s film maker Roland Reber (“Angels with dirty wings”) once more presents a study about being human, highly symbolic, which oscillates between awkward trash and fascinating  moments  of cinematic art “(Cinema)


  • "In this intimate play, which isn't limited by film school teachings and has numerous visual effects obtained by complex post production, slumbers the anarchistic independent spirit of Helge Schneider, Christoph Schlingensief, Luis Buñuel and Lars von Trier set in an "Eyes Wide Shut" backdrop." (Blickpunkt:Film)

  • „As if David Lynch and Helge Schneider would have worked together.“ (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Kultur 22.10.2013)


  • „… one never forgets a Roland Reber film. Sie sind besonders... A film, which shows that there are so many more things between heaven and earth no film school wisdom could ever dream of." (kino-zeit.de)


  • „A highly erotic ensemble drama about eight people, who are fleeing from their everyday lives into a bar and there giving in to their sexual phantasies“ (kino.de)


  • „There used to be more of these film anarchists in Germany - just think of Schlingensief – but now it looks like Reber is the last one standing.“ (Rheinpfalz, 29.10.2013)


  • „Reber's films are nonconformist, unique, unconventional and individual.“ (Landsberger Tagblatt, 24.10.2013)


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