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about the production

special working method


„The special working method of wtp international allows focusing on the creative process. I develop the script, make the directing of the actors on set. Mira Gittner is responsible for the pictures and the editing. After the last shooting day Mira shuts herself away in her editing studio and doesn’t leave until the work is done. I see the film once the rough cut is ready. This division of responsibilities has been proved with six feature films and will continue for the next films.”

(Roland Reber)


Teamwork – literally speaking.


headwords of the films

  • taboo breaking
  • double moral standards
  • sexuality
  • passion
  • obsession
  • striptease bar
  • table dance bar
  • society
  • behavioral norms
  • compulsion
  • constraint
  • enforcement
  • borders
  • absurdity
  • insight
  • awareness
  • knowledge
  • realisation