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Illusion invited to Split filmfestival

Illusion is invited to the 19th. International Festival of New Film / 19th Split filmfestival, Croatia (13. – 20.9.2014). www.splitfilmfestival.hr

ILLUSION, the new feature film

ILLUSION, the new feature film by director Roland Reber www.illusion-themovie.com will be celebrating its world premiere at the SITGES International Film Festival, Spain in october 2013. To see more please go to www.sitgesfilmfestival.com . The theatrical release in Germany will be the 23rd of january 2014.

'Illusion' invited to Hof

The new movie by wtp international, the drama 'ILLUSION' is invited to the 47th International Hofer Filmtagen (22.-27.10.2013).

After „24/7 The Passion of Life“ (2005), „angels with dirty wings “(2009) and „The truth of lie“ (2011) this is the 4th film for Roland Reber to present by him and his crew in Hof. 

screening times of 'ILLUSION'

Do. 24.10. um 21:00 im CLUB

Sa.  26.10. um 22:15 im CENTRAL

So.  27.10. um 11:00 im CLASSIC

To go to the official website of the Hofer Filmtage click here.


'Illusion' - pictures from the world premiere


World Premiere at Sitges Film Festival, Spain was a tremendous success: loads of people waiting to go into the cinema, sold out House, moved and fascinated audience, big compliment to everybody involved.


translated into english:

Hot motorcyles and the unconscious: Roland Reber's film community called wtp international proudly presents the Hof International Film Festival in her latest work, "Illusion".

Click here for the entire SZ article (in german)


Illusion-Screening in Hof

Germany premiere at the Hofer Film Festival. Carolina and Marina during the 'Illusions' screening are on the phone with Roland who extends his best regards to the audience this way.

DVD and BluRay launch of 'Illusion'

The newest wtp movie 'illusion' will be available in german language on DVD and BlueRay from the 29.08.2014 onwards.