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New WTP production premiered in Hof

The independent filmmaker of WTP International have struck again. Approximately one and a half years after the last theatrical release with "The truth of the lie" the latest work by director Roland Reber called "Illusion" will be celebrating its german premiere during the Internationale Hofer Filmtage in Germany on the 24th of October. The world premiere was previously during the Fantàstic Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya in october in Sitges  / Spain.

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Hot motorcycles and the unconscious: Roland Reber's film community called wtp international proudly present her latest work "Illusion" at the Hof International Film Festival.

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"A high for all the senses!"

"A high for all the senses!" Zelluloid.de

'...their work has somewhat of a cult status'

Illusion 2013.

Written and directed by: Roland Reber

Cast: Christoph Baumann, Carolina Hoffmann, Thomas Kollhoff, Marina Anna Eich, Nikola Antje Mönning, Wolfgang Seidenberg, Andreas Pegler, Ute Meisenheimer, Claire Plaut, Ronald Reber, Mira Gitner


Eight seemingly ordinary people come to a bar; six of them are married couples, two are single. Each one of them has their own story, their own interests, desires, fantasies and illusions where sex, domination and submission are all tangled. Their social status and psychological profiles are different. This night will either change everything or won't change a thing.

Anyhow, they are all there, together with the bar owner (master of ceremony of sorts), so it's for us to see how the communication, interaction and fantasies between them will play out.

Movies about sex, fantasies and fetishes can fall into a number of traps like banality or "artsiness". They often get lost in cheap shock or psychoanalysis, become too explicit or simply lifeless and boring. Sex is one of those topics everyone has something to say about: while courage is needed at first, elegance is essential for wrapping everything up later on. Sex is not just something private, it can be publicly discussed. Telling a story is especially problematic with an ensemble cast. With limited locations and time-frame, the story is bound to go nowhere fast. Shaky arguments or lack of them can push characters' acts, scenes and even the whole movie towards randomness. All of this can be seen in Roland Reber's Illusion, and all of this can be taken as a fatal error if you want to be a picky (re-)viewer. And that would be wrong.

The catch is, however, that Illusion is not a stand-alone movie.

Roland Reber, Mira Gittner and the rest of the crew form a sort of a troop. This approach, so common in modern theatre, is a kind of oddity in filmmaking. Before Illusion, the troop did several movies together with more or less the same line-up. Themes and genres of their previous movies varied from horrors to thrillers to artsy dramas, but the crew stayed the same. Reber and Gittner both have cameos in Illusion. Gittner also leads the visual department (cinematography, editing and art direction); actress Nikola Antje Mönning is also a composer of the original score, while the other actress Marina Anna Eich is also a producer of the movie.

Theatrical approach in this movie is effective enough (regarding the differences between the film and theatre). Illusion is visually appealing and polished, both in the club and the "fantasy" scenes. Some of the takes are so precise and elaborate that they are almost poetic. Problem lies somewhere else: in the narrative. The movie takes the middle road between visceral experience, film of the state of mind and the classic narative piece. In that sense, entangled characters' destinies are too random and convenient, even unnecessary.

Nevertheless, Illusion is the movie I can recommend to specific arthouse audience, especially to the fans of Roland Reber and his gang. It may seem obscure, but it's not completely true. Reber and his crew are the regular guests of film festivals and their work has somewhat of a cult status in some circles (not necessarily film ones). Anyhow, Illusion is a provocative experience, full of sex and anarchy.


reviewed by Marko Stojiljkovic http://film-na-dan.blogspot.de/ June 2015



press quotations

  • „As if David Lynch and Helge Schneider would have worked together. “ (Süddeutsche Zeitung, 22nd oct 2013)


  • „…one never forgets a Roland Reber film. They are special… A film that shows that there is much more between heaven and earth no filmschool wisdom could ever dream of.”  (kino-zeit.de)


  • "In this intimate play, which isn't limited by film school teachings and has numerous visual effects obtained by complex post production, slumbers the anarchistic independent spirit of Helge Schneider, Christoph Schlingensief, Luis Buñuel and Lars von Trier set in a "Eyes Wide Shut" backdrop." (Blickpunkt:Film)


  • „Sometimes revealingly funny, then sensually erotic. Somnambulistic soul striptease!“ (Deadline Film magazine)


  • „…the big discrepancy between the outside and the inner life of the characters appears like a stunning find from reality… a worthwhile little expedition” (spielfilm.de)


  • „…hypnotizing images! An unconventional, special film.“ (Virus Magazin)


  • „Also the music is worth mentioning in Illusion. In a mixture between most different styles, Antje Nikola Mönning not only succeeds in emphasizing the atmosphere in the Bar, but especially gives to each different dream world a very particular background music “ (Cinetastic.de) 


  • „Highly erotic ensemble-drama about eight people who are fleeing from their everyday life into a bar and devote themselves to their sexual fantasies.“ (kino.de)


  • „There used to be more such cineastic anarchists in Germany – just think of Schlingensief – meanwhile Reber seems to be the last one standing.“ (Rheinpfalz, 29th oct 2013)


  • „The film’s cinematic language impresses with visual and acoustic finesse.” (Filmdienst)


  • “Real big cinema! A must for every true film fan.” (sneakfilm.de)


  • “Indie author’s film maker Roland Reber (“Angels with dirty wings”) once more presents a study about being human, highly symbolic, which oscillates between awkward trash and fascinating  moments  of cinematic art “(Cinema)